Sentence Examples

  • Once again he was doing something that might be considered effeminate in another man, and yet he looked totally masculine.
  • He was naturally compassionate towards objects in distress even to an effeminate measure; though God had made him a heart wherein was left little room for fear,.
  • 122) point the contrast between their simple life and the effeminate nations of the civilized countries of Asia.
  • That admiration for an empire of more than two hundred millions of men, where not one had the right to call himself free; that effeminate philosophy which has more praise for luxury and pleasures than for all the virtues; that style always elegant and never energetic, reveal at the most the elector of Hanover's slave."
  • 88), who describes him as "of sleepless vigilance in critical emergencies, far-seeing and knowing how to act, but in his relaxation from business more luxurious and effeminate than a woman."

What's another word for effeminate?

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