Sentence Examples

  • It left behind an empty treasury, an undisciplined army and navy, a people debauched by safe and successful riot.
  • The undisciplined hordes of the king of Ossory and the Danes of Wexford could not stand before the Anglo-Norman tacticsthe charge of the knights and the arrowflight of the archers, skilfully combined by the adventurous invaders.
  • Lane, with an undisciplined brigade, had crossed the border, sacking, burning and killing in his progress, Missouri " bushrangers " retaliated in kind.
  • Against these were arrayed six thousand trained soldiers and a vast host of undisciplined rabble.
  • The guard was composed of an undisciplined body of soldiers, who, moreover, held in open contempt the religious precepts of Islam.

What's another word for undisciplined?

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