Sentence Examples

  • The barbarian law of the Burgundians shows strong traces of Roman influence.
  • From its outlying position in the northern part of the Balkan peninsula it was much exposed to the inroads of barbarian invaders.
  • Be this as it may, the Lombards, their ranks swelled by the Gepidae, whom they had lately conquered, and by the wrecks of other barbarian tribes, passed southward under their king Alboin in 568.
  • He only exchanged one set of foreign masters for another, and taught a new barbarian race how pleasant were the plains of Italy.
  • He manoeuvred so skilfully in the campaign against Radagaisus, who led a large force of various Germanic peoples into Italy in 405, that he surrounded the barbarian chieftain on the rocks of Fiesole near Florence and starved him into surrender.

What's another word for barbarian?

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