Sentence Examples

  • But, once free, he had no scruple in cheating the imperial brigand of his blackmail.
  • And they defeated the genius Napoleon and, suddenly recognizing him as a brigand, sent him to the island of St. Helena.
  • HAIDUK (also written Hayduk, Heiduc, Heyduke and Heyduque), a term which appears originally to have meant "robber" or "brigand," a sense it retains in Servia and some other parts of the Balkan Peninsula.
  • The attempt to reduce the brigand-soldiery, and especially the ordinances passed by the estates of Languedoil at Orleans in 1439, which not only gave the king an aid of ioo,000 francs (an act which was later used by the king as though it were a perpetual grant and so freed him from that parliamentary control of the purse so important in England), but demanded as well royal nominations to officerships in the army, marked a gain in the royal prerogative which the nobility resolved to challenge.
  • FRA DIAVOLO (1771-1806), the popular name given to a famous Italian brigand associated with the political revolutions of southern Italy at the time of the French invasion.