Sentence Examples

  • I threw my cousin's body from the Cliffs into the ocean, and I told my mate a bandit killed our daughter.
  • 633 C), Cyrus is the son of a poor Mardian bandit Atradates (the Mardians are a nomadic Persian tribe, Herod.
  • Stallybrass) - and for the bandit (see "Roberdes Knaues" in the Prologue of Piers the Plowman, 1.44, and the note in Warton's Hist.
  • Hood is a very usual dialectal form of wood; and in his play Edward the First, George Peele actually alludes to the bandit as "Robin of the Wood."
  • But although, like his fellow-brigands under Ruffo, he styled himself "the faithful servant and subject of His Sicilian Majesty," wore a military uniform and held militaryrank, and was even created duke of Cassano, his atrocities were worthy of a bandit chief.

What's another word for bandit?

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