Sentence Examples

  • Plagiarius meant a kidnapper, stealer or abductor of a slave or child, though it is also used in the modern sense of a literary pilferer or purloiner by Martial (I.
  • Yehl is the Prometheus Purphoros of the Tlingits, but myths of the fire-stealer would form matter for a separate section.
  • Maui slew monsters, invented barbs for fish-hooks, frequently adopted the form of various birds, acted as Prometheus Purphoros the fire-stealer, drew a whole island up from the bottom of the deep; he was a great sorcerer and magician.
  • We thus find Prometheus in the position of the fire-bringer, or fire-stealer, and so connected with a very wide cycle of similar mythical benefactors.
  • But we may, at least, point out that the myth of the stealing of fire and of the fire-stealer is current among races who are not Aryan, and never heard the word pramantha.