Sentence Examples

  • Cade stood, gently tucking Zack into the crook of his arm.
  • M.) in Wasco and Crook counties.
  • His books, The Fourfold State, The Crook in the Lot, and his Body of Divinity and Miscellanies, long exercised a powerful influence over the Scottish peasantry.
  • The real programme was to secure, by hook or by crook, a majority at the pools.
  • As regards the development of the form of the pastoral staff, there are four principal types: (I) staves with a simple crook, the oldest form, which survived in Ireland until the 12th century; (2) staves with a ball or knob at the top, a rare form which did not long survive as a pastoral staff; (3) staves with a horizontal crook, so-called Tau-staves, used especially by abbots and surviving until the 13th century; (4) staves with crook bent inwards.

What's another word for crook?

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