Sentence Examples

  • 2 A deadly conflict with the Ammonites was provoked by a gross insult to friendly ambassadors of Israel; 3 and this war, of which we have pretty full details in 2 Sam.
  • Tobacco slightly diminished in weight at a little over I lb per head, while the gross receipts are considerably increasedby over 23/4 millions sterling since 1884-1885---showing that the quality consumed is much better.
  • At its opening, on the 27th of September 1825, a train of thirtyfour vehicles, making a gross load of about go tons, was drawn by one engine driven by Stephenson, with a signalman on horseback in advance..
  • An hour; subsequently it drew an average gross load of 40 tons behind the tender at 13.3 m.
  • M.; pop. (1901) 720,877, showing an increase of 11% on the previous decade; estimated gross revenue, £146,700; there is no tribute.

What's another word for gross?

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