Sentence Examples

  • The night-dances were generally accompanied by much indecency and immorality.
  • In the first place, the comparative indecency of Rabelais has been much exaggerated by persons unfamiliar with early French literature.
  • As for those who have tried to make his indecency an argument for his laxity in religious principle, that argument, like another mentioned previously, hardly needs discussion.
  • His incommensurable and indescribable masterpiece of mingled humour, wisdom, satire, erudition, indecency, profundity, levity, imagination, realism, reflects the whole age in its mirror of hyperAristophanic farce.
  • The indefensible indecency and overstrained sentimentality are on the surface; but after a time every repellent defect is forgotten in the enjoyment of the exquisite literary art.

What's another word for indecency?

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