Sentence Examples

  • However much Walton was indebted to his helpers.
  • For maps of Switzerland we are indebted to Konrad Tiirst (1495-1497), Johann Stumpf (1548) and Aegidius Tschudi (1538).
  • To the same firm we are indebted for Petermann's Mitteilungen, started in 1855 by A.
  • It has been held that the forms with a small number of somites marked in the posterior carapace and numerous free somites between the anterior and posterior carapace, must be considered as anterior to those in which a great number of posterior somites are traceable in the metasomatic carapace, and that those in which the traces of distinct somites in the posterior or metasomatic carapace are most completely absent must be regarded as derived from those in which somites are well marked in the posterior 1 The writer is indebted to R.
  • Magyar history is indebted to Paul Jaszay for his careful working out of certain special periods, as, for instance, in his A Magyar nemzet napjai a legregibb idOtOl az arany bullaig (Days of the Hungarian nation from the earliest times to the date of the Golden Bull).

What's another word for indebted?

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