Sentence Examples

  • But, since those universals, so far as they are called genera and species, cannot be perceived by any one in their purity without the admixture of imagination, Plato maintained that they existed and could be beheld beyond the things of sense, to wit, in the divine mind.
  • As a senator he stood in the front rank in a body distinguished for ability; his purity of character and courteous manner, together with his intellectual gifts, won him the esteem of all parties; and he became more and more the leader of the Southern Democrats.
  • In a profligate age William was distinguished by the purity of his married life, by temperate habits and by a sincere piety.
  • Courage, watchfulness, striving for purity, were all necessary in the incessant combat with the forces of evil.
  • The Heralds' College, the avvogadori di comun, in order to ensure purity of blood, were ordered to open a register of all marriages and births among members of the newly created caste, and these registers formed the basis of the famous Libro d'oro.

What's another word for purity?

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