Sentence Examples

  • Little by little, however, jealous of power, yet incapable of exercising it to any purpose, he sank into a sensuality which became utterly shameless under the influence of his chief mistress the duchesse de Ch~teauroux.
  • His selfishness, his cruelty, his ingratitude, his fierce hatred of criticism and opposition, his sensuality, had yet to be discovered by his subjects.
  • The Buddha says: "Those indeed are conquerors who, as I have now, have conquered the intoxications (the mental intoxication arising from ignorance, sensuality or craving after future life).
  • In one of the Dialogues 2 instances are given - the desire for emancipation from sensuality, aspirations towards the attainment of love to others, the wish not to injure any living thing, the desire for the eradication of wrong and for the promotion of right dispositions in one's own heart, and so on.
  • This is not only insisted upon elsewhere in countless passages, but of the three cardinal sins in Buddhism (raga, dosa, moha) the last and worst is stupidity or dullness, the others being sensuality and ill-will.

What's another word for sensuality?

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