Sentence Examples

  • Social propriety states that the immediate family of an Ancient.s mate or high level Immortal—
  • Then the awkwardness of his silent position hiding in the darkness extended beyond the point of propriety of making his presence known.
  • In 1833 the Reformed Presbyterian Church divided into New Lights and Old Lights in a dispute as to the propriety of Covenanters exercising the rights of citizenship under the constitution of the United States.
  • This narrow and pedantic theory had at least the merit of insisting on propriety of expression.
  • Accordingly their disproportionate prevalence in South America points unerringly to the lower rank of the avifauna of the region as a whole, and therefore to the propriety of putting it next in order to that of the Australian region, the general fauna of which is admittedly the lowest in the world.

What's another word for propriety?

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