Sentence Examples

  • She accepted his report, not without obvious sadness but with business-like decorum and no sign of tears.
  • The boy had a wild streak that overcame his sense of decorum too often and landed him in duels every other day.
  • The mutual ardour;gradually cooled; motives of prudence and decorum urged the discontinuance of the connexion; and disillusion changed insensibly to disgust.
  • Matveyev, the most influential of the boyars, had married a foreigner who conversed freely with her husband's male friends, contrary to the Muscovite notions of respectability and decorum, and his house, in which the tsar was a frequent visitor, was furnished and decorated in foreign fashion.
  • In the imperial court, so far as outward decorum and refinement were concerned, there was an immense improvement, and the upper section of the old Russian Dvorianstvo became a noblesse with French aristocratic conceptions and ideals.

What's another word for decorum?

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