Sentence Examples

  • They use small electric shocks to correct misbehavior but should never be used by inexperienced owners or for casual household training.
  • Hypnosis revealed that her phobia stemmed from a previous life experience when her parents would shut her in a closet for misbehavior.
  • With the misbehavior of movie stars and musicians running rampant these days, Kid Rock sockin' it to a disrespectful Tommy Lee and defending a female friend in what has been reported as a "heated exchange" doesn't seem so bad comparatively.
  • If you attend a Catholic school, or are worried your child is traveling down the wrong path while enrolled in this form of education, you may want to meet with the school and your child separately to get to the bottom of her misbehavior.
  • Childhood lying has many causes, including the need to maintain parental approval, to gain attention, to avoid disappointing others, to evade the consequences of misbehavior, or to avoid responsibility.