Sentence Examples

  • A minor transgression that the other person may not even remember is probably not important enough to warrant a full-blown revenge prank.
  • Not far behind Stefan, however, is his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder of Lost), a vicious killer intent on torturing his brother for some transgression in their past.
  • God then, who is love, delivers us from evil through Christ, who pays the penalty of our transgression to the enemy of God and man.
  • If man is thought of as under the authority of God, any transgression of or want of conformity to the law of God is defined as sin.
  • He here breaks with Augustine and the Westminster Confession by arguing, consistently with his theory of the Will, that Adam had no more freedom of will than we have, but had a special endowment, a supernatural gift of grace, which by rebellion against God was lost, and that this gift was withdrawn from his descendants, not because of any fictitious imputation of guilt, but because of their real participation in his guilt by actual identity with him in his transgression.