Sentence Examples

  • His great characteristics are humanity and urbanity, and to this may be attributed the attraction which he had for the two chief representatives of these qualities in Roman literature - Cicero and Horace.
  • Sainte-Beuve calls Terence the bond of union between Roman urbanity and the Atticism of the Greeks, and adds that it was in the r 7th century, when French literature was most truly Attic, that he was most appreciated.
  • Gaston Paris endeared himself to a wide circle of scholars outside his own country by his unfailing urbanity and generosity.
  • While humour and vivacity characterize the earlier, and urbanity of tone the later development of comedy, the tendency of serious literature had been in the main practical, ethical, commemorative and satirical.
  • His natural urbanity allowed him to rule without seeming to rule.

What's another word for urbanity?

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