Sentence Examples

  • But anyone who places priority on the safety of their Visa and freshly minted money will tell you that the nearly water resistant texture of leather gives them a sense of security and sophistication, one that fabric wallets cannot provide.
  • Because more and more women are marrying later in life or remaining single, the allure of right hand diamond jewelry is a way for any woman - regardless of her marital status - to enjoy the brilliance and sophistication of diamonds.
  • In fact, urban living is the very inspiration Combs states for wanting to create this line; he wanted to create a clothing line that was "fashion forward", but one that embodied the "sophistication" and authenticity of urban cities.
  • The boxy styles of Marc Jacobs granted the handbag industry a love for plentiful square pockets, whereas the signature monograms of Gucci and Louis Vuitton made consumers long for the sophistication of simple recognizable designs.
  • Most brides have an immediate preference for one diamond shape or another, whether they are interested in the classic elegance of a round gem, the sleek sophistication of an emerald shape, or the romantic whimsy of a heart shape.