Sentence Examples

  • Peasant proprietorship is most common in Lombardy and Piedmont, but it is also found elsewhere.
  • In the provinces of Foggia and Lecce long leases (up to twenty-nine years) are granted, but in them it is explicitly declared that they do not imply enfiteusi (perpetual leasehold), nor any other form of contract equivalent to co-proprietorship. Mezzadria is rarely resorted to.
  • 2 The law establishing individual peasant-proprietorship was p assed on December 21st.
  • " foreigners may enjoy the rights of proprietorship on the same conditions as Ottoman subjects throughout the empire, save in the Hejaz.
  • Conferred on him the proprietorship of the lands he had thus conquered by the sword, and presented him at the same time with the horse-tail, drum and banner which constituted the insignia of independent command.

What's another word for proprietorship?

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