Sentence Examples

  • There he gained a large practice, and did much, both by example and by more direct effort, to diminish drunkenness among the lower classes.
  • In his later years he overcame the drunkenness that was habitual to him in youth; he developed seriousness of character and unselfish devotion to what lie believed was the cause of patriotism; and he won the respect of men of high character and capacity in France and Holland.
  • It was his reckless drunkenness which ultimately ruined him in the estimation of Peter the Great, despite his previous inestimable services.
  • They became orgiastic in character and scenes of drunkenness, cf.
  • For divorce a residence in the state of six months is necessary; the grounds for divorce are desertion or neglect to provide for one year, conviction of felony, habitual drunkenness, cruelty or physical incapacity.

What's another word for drunkenness?

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