Sentence Examples

  • In the discipline of the Christian Church abstinence is the term for a less severe form of Fasting.
  • The ritual includes features found on other holy days, sacrifices, abstinence from work, &c.; and also certain unique acts.
  • 30 The Ninth Month, Ramadan, Is The Month Of Abstinence Observed By The Moslems.
  • His remarkable oratorical talents, rich humour, genuine pathos and inimitable power of story-telling, enabled him to do good service to the total abstinence movement.
  • Then follows Ramadan, the month of abstinence, a severe trial to the faithful; and the Lesser Festival (Al-id as-~aghir), which commences Shawwl, is hailed by them with delight.

What's another word for abstinence?

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