Sentence Examples

  • In his personal conduct he was chaste, temperate and sincerely pious.
  • 792842 Called the Chaste, son of Froila.
  • The counts of Castiie began, as a body, and not as a line of chiefs, in the reign of Alphonso the Chaste (789842).
  • The Imari ware, even though its thick biscuit and generally ungraceful shapes be omitted from the account, shows no enamels that can rival the exquisitely soft, broken tints of the famille rose; and the Kakiemon porcelain, for all its rich though chaste contrasts, lacks the delicate transmitted tints of the shell-like kwan-yao.
  • One who had thus fulfilled the duties of the student order must "go forth remaining chaste," says the Apastamba, ii.