Sentence Examples

  • While tracking down the original color may prove a tad bit challenging, there are some other colors similar to OPI nail polish in the color Peachaboo that will give you the same feminine sparkle without a gaudy finish.
  • It's true; sequins are not for everyone as some feel that the look is just a bit too flashy, and even gaudy, for the beach, but one look at Salinas' swimwear and you just might change your mind.
  • Before clicking on one of the many outrageous, gaudy advertisements found online for credit reports it is best to know what to look for and how to interpret the free information you receive.
  • While some of the colors and styles of dress may seem gaudy when seen up close, the fact is they are not meant to be seen except at a distance - often over twenty-five feet away.
  • To keep them from looking boring, the boots have just enough detailing to make them interesting, but not so much that they look gaudy or out of place with patterned outfits.