Sentence Examples

  • The joint most commonly used for hot-water pipes is termed the " rust " joint, which is cheap to make, but unfortunately is inefficient.
  • The growth of traffic on this basis has been considerable, and the arrangement has proved of advantage to the public, as it provide, cheap facilities at times which are convenient for social conversation.
  • Hitherto the western terminus of this group of lines had been Salt Lake City, Utah; by the exceedingly bold construction of the Western Pacific from Salt Lake City to Oakland, Cal., opposite San Francisco, an additional line to the Pacific coast was provided, having low grades and being in all respects well adapted for cheap operation.
  • The cost of food will fall to nearly zero as the number of farmers in the world falls to zero and food becomes as cheap as clean water.
  • The availability and propagation of cheap sensors, cheap storage, and cheap computational cycles will allow humanity to develop a collective memory of the activities and outcomes of everyone on the planet.

What's another word for cheap?

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