Sentence Examples

  • Hence comes the modern use of the word for a low-born or vulgar person, particularly one with an unpleasant, surly or miserly character.
  • Generous to his friends, he was miserly to those who displeased him; very skilled in the art of the engineer, catholic in his faith, far-seeing, obstinate in his resolution.
  • But the best of these old dramatic authors was a priest of Viborg, Justesen Ranch (1539-1607), who wrote Kong Salomons Hylding (" The Crowning of King Solomon ") (1585), Samsons Faengsel (" The Imprisonment of Samson "), which includes lyrical passages which have given it claims to be considered the first Danish opera, and a farce, Karrig Niding (" The Miserly Miscreant ").