Sentence Examples

  • The wheels of the Conestoga wagons had been modified with wide rims to even the load on the sand.
  • She sat down, growing oblivious to those around her as she manipulated and modified the battlefield.
  • Each of these influences, which early in life must have been familiar to him, tempered and modified the other.
  • The further assumption, that the modified notions thus gained have an objective meaning, and that they somehow correspond to the real order of the existing world which of course they can never actually describe, depends upon a general confidence which we must have in our reasoning powers, and in the significance of a world in which we ourselves with all the necessary courses of our thoughts have a due place assigned.
  • In his early thought he followed Averroes, but afterwards modified his views so far as to make himself acceptable to the orthodox Catholics.

What's another word for modified?

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