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Another word for modified

  1. Not total, unlimited, or wholehearted

      1. Having governmental or ruling powers restricted by enforceable limitations, as a constitution or a legislative body:
      2. Of or designating a partnership in which the liability of certain of its partners is limited to the amount of their individual investments
      3. Confined or restricted within certain limits:
      1. Restricted or limited by conditions.
      2. Limited; modified
      3. Limited, restricted, or modified:
      1. (Not comparable) Set aside for the use of a particular person or party.
      2. Designated as unavailable except for a certain purpose or user; kept in reserve:
      3. Given to or marked by self-restraint and reticence:
      1. Excluding a certain group or groups; esp., limited to white gentiles
      2. Kept within certain limits; limited:
      3. Limited; confined
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Another word for modified