Sentence Examples

  • Remodeled versions of classic undergarments are being designed and sold not because of their modest coverage, but for the growing appeal among men and women who want their underwear to be comfortable and flattering -- yet sexy.
  • Because art deco items have strong, basic lines and an understated elegance, fixtures from this era can command attention in a remodeled bathroom without distracting from other more subtle touches of the room.
  • Alice, Tym, and David got to see videos of their potential clients and the rooms that were to be remodeled, but they did not find out which job would be theirs until they arrived at their destinations.
  • Dorian's knowledge of Charlie's secret drove a wedge between Viki and Charlie for a time, but when Charlie remodeled Carlotta's diner in Angel's Square after the Bonjour Café, he and Viki reconnected.
  • While some ships are remodeled and "stretched" by adding central sections to existing hulls, the most common way to create larger ships is to introduce a new bigger class of vessels.