Sentence Examples

  • Calmly he readjusted his line and strengthened the torn centre.
  • He introduced the Thurman Bill, for which he was chiefly responsible, which became law in May 1878, and readjusted the government's relations with the bond-aided Pacific railways.
  • He readjusted himself in the saddle and touched up his horse to ride once more round his hussars.
  • The cost of maintaining the imperial postal system (vehiculatio) was transferred to the fiscus; from the same source apparently money was found for repairing the public roads and aqueducts; and lastly, the lucrative but unpopular tax of 5% on all legacies or inheritances (vicesima hereditatum), was so readjusted as to remove the grosser abuses connected with it (Pliny, Paneg.
  • On her birthday, in April, he made her a present of domains worth £10,000 per annum, though he had already readjusted her establishment on a truly imperial scale.

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