Sentence Examples

  • The scanty details of these important events must naturally be contrasted with the comparatively full accounts of earlier Philistine wars and internal conflicts in narratives which date from this or even a later age.
  • Baal Zebub of the Philistine Ekron became the Beelzebub who was equivalent to Satan.
  • Abishai on one occasion saved the king's life from a Philistine giant (2 Sam.
  • Despite the capture of the ark after the disastrous battle of Shiloh, Yahweh had in the end shown himself through a destructive plague superior in might to the Philistine Dagon.
  • (2) But other traditions represent the people scattered and in hiding; Israel is groaning under the Philistine yoke, and the unknown Saul is raised up by Yahweh to save his people.

What's another word for Philistine?

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