Sentence Examples

  • The consummate hardness of the diamond, in spite of its high price, has made it most useful for purposes of grinding, polishing and drilling.
  • In art, Ruskin had enjoyed an unexampled training, which made him a consummate expert.
  • On the journey thither he was caught by pirates, whom he treated with consummate nonchalance while awaiting his ransom, threatening to return and crucify them; when released he lost no time in carrying out his threat.
  • The art of both stories is great, and that of the episode of the daughter Susannah in Roxana is consummate; but the transitions of the later plot are less natural than those in Moll Flanders.
  • After completing his education at Paris, Strassburg, and at Padua, where as rector of the academy he composed his celebrated work De senate romano (Venice, 1563), he returned home in 1565, one of the most consummate scholars and jurists in Europe.

What's another word for consummate?

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