Sentence Examples

  • It seemed very doubtful whether he would accomplish his desire.
  • To accomplish such a feat it was necessary, of course, to expend large sums of money; and as the country could ill bear an increase of taxation, the whole financial system had to be improved and the natural resources of the country had to be developed.
  • Many of his conclusions have been corrected and extended by later criticism; but he indicated more decisively than any of his predecessors the fruitful principle that each art is subject to definite conditions, and that it can accomplish great results only by limiting itself to its special function.
  • After his return he occupied himself with plans for the establishment of a model penitentiary at Lima, which he was enabled to accomplish through the support of General Castilla.
  • And Bute immediately proceeded to accomplish their long-projected plans, the conclusion of the peace with France, the break-up of the Whig monopoly of power, and the supremacy of the monarchy over parliament and parties.

What's another word for accomplish?

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