Sentence Examples

  • His heartlessness toward the former provoked even an accomplice like Commines to protest.
  • By a national agitation, denouncing him as an accomplice of the foreigner.
  • He was appointed secretary (greffier) to the commune of Marseilles, and in 1792 was commissioned to go to the Legislative Assembly and demand the accusation of the directory of the department of Bouches-du-Rhone, as accomplice in a royalist movement in Arles.
  • He was false to his benefactor Matthias, false to Matthias's son Janos Corvinus, whom he chicaned out of the throne, and false to his accomplice in that transaction, Queen Beatrice.
  • Stoutenburg, who was the chief accomplice, made his escape and entered the service of Spain; Groeneveld was executed.

What's another word for accomplice?

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