Sentence Examples

  • There are no accessory generative organs.
  • The ordinary accessory minerals of igneous rocks, apatite, in Great Britain and the continent of Europe.
  • This accessory pore is not of uniform significance.
  • Cunningham that in Buccinum the egg-capsules are formed by this pedal gland and not by any accessory organ of the generative system.
  • A, Notholca longispina, lorica only; b, Anuraea aculeata, like the former, a floating pelagic type (plankton proper); c, Synchaeta stylata; corona with accessory antennae and sensory styles; auricles for swimming - an actively swimming pelagic type (nekton); d, Pterodina patina, with bdelloid corona and retractile foot with terminal ciliated cup; e, Distyla gissensis partly extended; f, Rattulus tigris.

What's another word for accessory?

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