Sentence Examples

  • Unlike Victor Hugo and Balzac, she founded ' no school, though Fromentin, Theuriet, Cherbuliez, Fabre and Bazin might be claimed as her collateral descendants.
  • The state revenue is derived mainly from a general property tax, licence taxes levied on various businesses and occupations, a collateral inheritance tax and a capitation tax.
  • The chief sources of revenue for the state are a corporation tax, a collateral inheritance tax (1904) and a licence tax.
  • An important collateral identification is that of Prajapati (and the sacrificer) with Agni, the god of fire, embodied not only in the offering-fire, but also in the sacred Soma-altar, the technical name of which is agni.
  • It consists of a ring of endarch collateral bundles1 surrounding a hollow pith.

What's another word for collateral?

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