Sentence Examples

  • Even in this case the chiefs or ' Morgan has founded one of his forms of family - the consanguine - on the supposed existence in former times among the Malays and Polynesians of the custom of " intermarriage of brothers and sisters, own and collateral, in a group."
  • Nor was it, as in Schelling's earlier system, to be a collateral progeny with mind from the same womb of indifference and identity.
  • The viceroy was assisted by the Collateral Council and the Sacred College of Santa Chiara, composed of Spanish and Italian members, and there was an armed force of the two nationalities.
  • Payments as losses of the subject insured, and therefore included in the sum insured, not as collateral payments made on his behalf.
  • Collateral branches of the family have given the Lees, the Custises, and other families a.

What's another word for collateral?

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