Sentence Examples

  • The fast was a suitable concomitant of that contrition which befitted the occasion.
  • It has been argued that All-Fatherism is an advance, conditioned by coastal influences - more rain and more food - concomitant with a social advance to individual marriage, and reckoning of kin in the male line.
  • A process of waste resulting from the decomposition of the molecules of the protoplasm, in virtue of which they break up into more highly oxidated products, which cease to form any part of the living body, is a constant concomitant of life.
  • Such gas is a more or less general concomitant of oil all through the petroleum-bearing areas of the country.
  • Corruption is the frequent concomitant of privilege, and thus the town councils often connived for a price at the presence in their midst of Jews whose admission was illegal.

What's another word for concomitant?

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