Sentence Examples

  • The fast was a suitable concomitant of that contrition which befitted the occasion.
  • It has been argued that All-Fatherism is an advance, conditioned by coastal influences - more rain and more food - concomitant with a social advance to individual marriage, and reckoning of kin in the male line.
  • Such gas is a more or less general concomitant of oil all through the petroleum-bearing areas of the country.
  • It is rather significant that this spread of astrology should have been concomitant with the intellectual impulse that led to the rise of a genuine scientific phase of astronomy in Babylonia itself, which must have weakened to some extent the hold that astrology had on the priests and the people.
  • Corruption is the frequent concomitant of privilege, and thus the town councils often connived for a price at the presence in their midst of Jews whose admission was illegal.