Sentence Examples

  • The population of India is the largest aggregate yet brought within the scope of a synchronous and uniform enumeration.
  • Copper would thus have been but seldom used unalloyed; and the relatively synchronous appearance of bronze in Europe, and the scanty "finds" of copper implements, are explained.
  • The most important innovation, however, was the transfer of the responsibility for filling up the schedule from the overseers to the householders, thereby rendering possible a synchronous record.
  • It is clear that Swedenborg showed (150 years before any other scientist) that the motion of the brain was synchronous with the respiration and not with the action of the heart and the circulation of the blood, a discovery the full bearings of which are still far from being realized.
  • The term has no real chronological value, for there has been no universal synchronous sequence of the three epochs in all quarters of the world.

What's another word for synchronous?

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