Sentence Examples

  • Most cell phones on the market do not come bundled with a USB cable to connect / synchronize with a computer, and as such, oftentimes you have to look to stores that sell Cell Phone Accessories.
  • An atomic alarm clock, with the ability to synchronize with the official clock, combined with a radio alarm is a sure way to ensure a good start to every day!
  • People who own an Apple iPod likely make use of a program called iTunes, not only to purchase their songs, but also to synchronize their music libraries with their portable music players.
  • Atomic clocks, in particular, are great for this purpose, since they automatically synchronize with different atomic clocks around the world.
  • While the technology was somewhat more cumbersome for users during this 2005 effort, since then it has become much more convenient, easier to use, and far easier to synchronize with other users and with a central data source.