Sentence Examples

  • Method 1.By reference to 30 it will be seen that the motion of a cylinder rolling on a fixed cylinder is one of rotation about an instantaneous axis T, and that the velocity both as regards direction and magnitude is the same as if the rolling piece B were for the instant turning about a fixed axis coincident with the instantaneous axis.
  • Having obtained the set of instantaneous centres for a chain, suppose a is the fixed link of the chain and c any other link; then O,,,is the instantaneous centre of the two links and may be considered for the instant as the trace of an axis fixed to an extension of the link a about which c is turning, and thus problems of instantaneous velocity concerning the link c are solved as though the link c were merely rotating for the instant about a fixed axis coincident with the instantaneous axis.
  • J To prove these, we may take fixed axes Ox, Oy, Oz coincident with the moving axes at time t, and compare the linear and angular momenta E+E, ~ ~ ?~+~X, u+u, v+~v relative to the new position of the axes, Ox, Oy, Oz at time t+t with the original momenta ~, ~ ~, A, j~i, v relative to Ox, Oy, Oz at time t.
  • In the first place, a cyhindroid can be constructed so as to have its axis coincident with the common perpendicular to the axes of the two given screws and to satisfy thi-ee other conditions, for the position of the centre, the parameter, and the orientation about the axis are still at our disposal.
  • Referred to G as a moving base, are equal to the rates of change of the corresponding components of angular momentum relative to a fixed base coincident with the instantaneous position of Cr.

What's another word for coincident?

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