Sentence Examples

  • (iv.) There is an incidental indication of time, which points to the period after Marathon as the true date for the events which are referred by Herodotus to the year before Marathon, viz.
  • For a few months after the occupation of Rome pressing questions incidental to a new change of capital and to the administration of a new domain distracted public attention from the real condition of Italian affairs.
  • He also wrote incidental music to Hamlet, a symphony, and other works.
  • As a consequence of the report of this Commission the Railway Employment (Prevention of Accidents) Act of 'goo was passed, putting upon the Board of Trade the duty of making " such rules as they think fit with respect to any of the subjects mentioned in the schedule to this act, with the object of reducing or removing the dangers and risks incidental to railway service."
  • From the numerous incidental references in his works, and from his knowledge of European literature, it may be inferred that he spent some time abroad.

What's another word for incidental?

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