Sentence Examples

  • She forced herself to continue to the apartment's entrance and flung open the door, revealing a hall with auxiliary lighting reflecting off a white marble floor.
  • And equity has auxiliary jurisdiction when the machinery of the courts of law was unable to procure the necessary evidence.
  • Auxiliary sources for the medieval romance-writers were: - the opuscule (4th century) known as Alexandri magni iter ad Paradisum, a fable of Eastern origin directed against ambition; the Itinerarium Alexandri (340), based partly on Julius Valerius and dedicated to Constans, son of the emperor Constantine; the letter of Alexander to Aristotle (Epist.
  • The two auxiliary verbs are kam, " I have," and yam, "I am."
  • It is largely used in patent medicines, usuall y as an auxiliary to aloes.

What's another word for auxiliary?

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