Sentence Examples

  • Did heaven need satellite television?
  • (?) and viii., and the satellite of Neptune.); while, to make the argument complete, the planets, so far as they can be observed, rotate on their axes in the same manner.
  • But the same relation does not hold of a satellite the mass of whose primary is not regarded as an absolutely known quantity, or of a binary star.
  • ELONGATION, strictly "lengthening"; in astronomy, the apparent angular distance of a heavenly body from its centre of motion, as seen from the earth; designating especially the angular distance of the planet Mercury or Venus from the sun, or the apparent angle between a satellite and its primary.
  • The immediate results of the clearer definition obtained were the detection of a satellite to Saturn (the sixth in order of distance from its primary), and the resolution into their true form of the abnormal appendages to that planet.

What's another word for satellite?

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