Sentence Examples

  • He was especially concerned in promoting a non-partisan civil service.
  • The partisan warfare flamed up most fiercely in the latter days of October.
  • He was an ardent partisan of the Douglases, and on their overthrow retired to Orkney and later to Shetland.
  • Here as elsewhere he had but one rule to guide him in matters of doctrine and discipline - the practice of Rome and the West; for it is singular to see how Jerome, who is daringly original in points of scholarly criticism, was a ruthless partisan in all other matters; and, having discovered what was the Western practice, he set tongue and pen to work with his usual bitterness (Altercatio luciferiani et orthodoxi).
  • There would perhaps have been more general satisfaction with the results of Mr. Churchill's undoubtedly energetic and patriotic administration at the Admiralty, if he had not shown himself so vehement a partisan in internal politics.