Sentence Examples

  • In some cases a sexual act would appear to precede spore formation.
  • Landing at Lyndantse (the modern Reval) in north Esthonia, Valdemar at once received the submission of the inhabitants, but three days later was treacherously attacked in his camp and only saved from utter destruction by his own personal valour and the descent from heaven, at the critical moment, of a red banner with a white cross on it, the Dannebrog (Danes' Cloth), of which we now hear for the first time, and which henceforth was to precede the Danish armies to victory till its capture by the Ditmarshers, three hundred years later.
  • A headache precedes the onset of panic disorder.
  • An adjective will often precede the noun they modify.
  • An adverb may precede the verb.

What's another word for precede?

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