Sentence Examples

  • The flowers appear late in the autumn on a one-sided spike opening from below upward, of a bright crimson color, resembling in form those of Tritonia aurea, and should be well grown wherever cut flowers are desired in winter.
  • Spastic refers to diplegic impairment of either legs or arms, quadriplegic involving all four extremities, hemiplegic or one-sided involvement of arms and legs, or double hemiplegic impairment of both sides, arms and legs.
  • One-sided rectangles and bi-fold cards are the most popular choices, but selecting a unique card design, shape, color, or construction can make a program more unusual.
  • Problems typically develop when you do a lot of repetitive and/or one-sided motions (swimming, basketball free throws) or use too heavy weights.
  • When one spouse holds more power than the other does, it can cause a one-sided relationship to spin out of control.