Sentence Examples

  • The plan was biased in favor of small parties.
  • Biased bowls were introduced in the 16th century.
  • Where religion is concerned, travellers in general and missionaries in particular are biased in several distinct ways.
  • Maurice was a man of peace, yet his life was spent in a series of conflicts; of deep humility, yet so polemical that he often seemed biased; of large charity, yet bitter in his attack upon the religious press of his time; a loyal churchman who detested the label "Broad," yet poured out criticism upon the leaders of the Church.
  • Fauriel was biased in this work by his preconceived and somewhat fanciful theory that Provence was the cradle of the chansons de geste and even of the Round Table romances; but he gave a great stimulus to the scientific study of Old French and Provencal.

What's another word for biased?

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