Sentence Examples

  • The sole consists of two halves slanting against each other,.
  • It consists of a large stone chamber which communicates directly with two slightly slanting tubular retorts of iron.
  • Thus the base of the gill passes in a slanting direction across the right-hand side of the kidney, the posterior end being dorsal to the apex of the gland, and the anterior end ventral to the right-hand corner.
  • With the exception of this corner, Massachusetts is a part of the slanting upland that includes all of southern New England.
  • It is true that many of these ranges are characterized by the rounded tops and the rather evenly slanting, waste-covered slopes which ncrmally result from the long-continued action of the ordinary agencies of erosion; that they bear little snow in summer and are practically wanting in glaciers; that forests are often scanty on the middle and lower slopes, the mord so because of devastation by fires; and that the general impression of great altitude is much weakened because the mountains are seen from a base which itself is 5000 or 6000 ft.

What's another word for slanting?

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