Sentence Examples

  • The sole consists of two halves slanting against each other,.
  • It consists of a large stone chamber which communicates directly with two slightly slanting tubular retorts of iron.
  • Thus the base of the gill passes in a slanting direction across the right-hand side of the kidney, the posterior end being dorsal to the apex of the gland, and the anterior end ventral to the right-hand corner.
  • With the exception of this corner, Massachusetts is a part of the slanting upland that includes all of southern New England.
  • The region was by no means a peneplain before its slanting uplift; its surface then was hilly and in the south mountainous; in its central and still more in its northern part it was overspread with lavas which flowed westward along the broad open valleys from many vents in the eastern part: near the northern end of the range, eruptions have continued in the present cycle, forming many cones and young lava flows.

What's another word for slanting?

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