Sentence Examples

  • Night afternoon minimum tending to disappear.
  • She was tending the mules when she saw a rider on top of a sand dune.
  • During the whole period from 1873 onwards, prices, other than of labour, were steadily tending downwards, so that the cost of living in 1890 was much below that of 1873.
  • The Long Parliament had ordered a strict observance of Sunday, punished swearing severely, and made adultery a capital crime; Cromwell issued further ordinances against duelling, swearing, racemeetings and cock-fights - the last as tending to the disturbance of the public peace and the encouragement of "dissolute practices to the dishonour of God."
  • It can be deduced from (17), (12) and (13) that the couple on S'N' due to SN, and tending to increase 4), is MM' (sin 0 cos 4-2 sin 4) cos 0)/r'.