Sentence Examples

  • But that contrast is traditional; and it is implied in the ordinary theological usage of such phrases as " natural theology " or " natural religion " and almost of " theism."] Comparative religion, or, as some call it, history of religion, is yet another modern study, closely akin to the last discussed,, although more strictly confined to registering the Compara- sequence of religious phenomena and less disposed towards criticizing religions or towards ranking them in an order of merit.
  • After his release Wakefield seemed disposed for a while to turn his attention to social questions at home, and produced a tract on the Punishment of Death, with a terribly graphic picture of the condemned sermon in Newgate, and another on incendiarism in the rural districts, with an equally powerful exhibition of the degraded condition of the agricultural labourer.
  • The northern one was the valley of the Meuse and that of the Rhine to a point just south of Bonn: the southern was the rest of the Rhine valley to Switzerland_ Each district was garrisoned at first by four, later by fewer legions, which were disposed at various times in some of the following fortresses: Vetera (Xanten), Novaesium (Neuss), Bonne (Bonn), Moguntiacum (Mainz), Argentorate (Strassburg) and Vindonissa (Windisch in Switzerland).
  • What Solon said of him in his youth was true throughout, "there is no better-disposed man in Athens, save for his ambition."
  • When the British government seemed disposed to use coercive measures for the protection of the Armenians, he gave it clearly to be understood that any such proceeding would be opposed by Russia.

What's another word for disposed?

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