Sentence Examples

  • Thus at Innsbruck Defant (45) found the mean dissipation on days of Fain fully thrice that on days without Fan.
  • For during the year that elapsed before he left Swabia (and whilst he sojourned at Neuburg and Ulm), and amidst his geometrical studies, he would fain have gathered some knowledge of the mystical wisdom attributed to the Rosicrucians; but the Invisibles, as they called themselves, kept their secret.
  • AGATHON JEAN FRANCOIS FAIN (1778-1837), French historian, was born in Paris on the 11th of January 1778.
  • Immediately after the overthrow of Charles X., King Louis Philippe appointed Fain first secretary of his cabinet (August 1830).
  • Fain was a member of the council of state and deputy from Montargis from 1834 until his death, which occurred in Paris on the 16th of September 1837.

What's another word for fain?

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