Sentence Examples

  • He would fain have desired liberty, but all hope of it was gone.
  • In one mood he was fain to ape the antique patriot; in another he affected the monastic saint.
  • The theological calmness of the West, amid the violent theological disputes which troubled the Eastern patriarchates, and the statesmanlike wisdom of Rome's greater bishops, combined to give a unique position to the pope, which councils in vain strove to shake, and which in time of difficulty the Eastern patriarchs were fain to acknowledge and make use of, however they might protest against it and the conclusions deduced from it.
  • I would fain keep sober always; and there are infinite degrees of drunkenness.
  • The great Mogul emperor's impoverished and enfeebled successor was fain to recognize the Mahratta state by a formal instrument.

What's another word for fain?

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